Season 4, Episode 3: Friends and Family – The CPA

Jim gets nothing but static from his phone and his CPA after “we” didn’t file our taxes on time. It’s a battle between Indiana Jones and Bernie Madoff!

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  1. I am a big fan for several years. This very funny and clever. When you are ready to do the Surreal episode call me !!!

  2. Thank you, Jim, for making me laugh AGAIN. I love the Indiana Jones misnomer and the martini glass and the bottle of (some) hooch and and and. It is as New York as Seinfeld…only better.
    Alberta Cifolelli

  3. Love them all and always anxiously awaiting the next episode. But this is the bomb! A modern day Laurel and Hardy! Mr B–when you’re ready to give up your day job, you’re ready for Prime Time. And I wanna see the out takes! DC

  4. This is my #1 fave episode!! Dr. B–who knew the breadth of your talents? And Jim–yes, Jim is always number one!!
    (And yes–Ceto for the surreal episode. You gotta do it! )

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