Season 4, Episode 2: Tenth Avenue on the Hudson

Jim reassures Dru about the impending Hurricane.

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  1. I am so sorry for your troubles and the millions of others affected, but at the moment, the tears coming down my face are from laughing….not crying….so glad I watched past the credits…you are hysterical…Good luck with the clean up and future weather precautions…

  2. jim,
    We were too close to this scene in Connecticut for me to do anything but weep for you! Still working on it. We do have insurance and are waiting for FEMA. We took all the art that was down low upstairs. MY back!!!! Truly, my heart goes out to both you and Drew and the artists.

  3. Jim, I am flabbergasted at the destruction. I was with you, it can’t happen to NYC. It’s just too sophisticated for that. But the pictures don’t lie. All the same we’ll be visiting you on our annual November holiday in the city, celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary. All the best, and you’ll need all the best to overcome this.

    Alan & Libbie

  4. Good for you! If you can laugh at yourself and adversity like this, then you’re made of the right stuff. I think a lot of New Yorkers will be heartened to see this.

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