Season 3, Episode 7: The Tooth Hirst

When Jim cracks a tooth on a stray caramel, his visit to the dentist office is anything but sweet. But is it safe?

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  1. OK, Jim, here is the deal. I made a vow not to watch “Madness” during working hours. Otherwise, I can not be called a working artist. You make me laugh. The call from Phillips was the living end. Nearly fell off my computer chair.

    In the course of one week recently, I had a dental appointment and an auction house event and it was “this is your life”. If artists are the only viewers, who get this, I am sorry. The rest of the population is missing something.

    Best to you,

  2. the ATM was brillant!!! love how you put it all together..dustin, time come on out to az for the best dds ever…./Users/margo/Desktop/Photo 878.jpg
    really funny.

  3. Thie episode is terrific! Jim Kempner goes to the dentist – CRACKS me up….I laffed out loud. Just happened to have seen Marathon Man in a hotel in Denmark so up on the references.
    Mixes the familiar with the absurd and the venal.

  4. Jim, as an artist and a former dentist, I always love the maniacal portrayal of dentists. But, not to be outdone, you have shown the maniacally hilarious nature of art dealers. Libbie and I just love you. Now it is time to show some love for the Soffers art to the New York world.

  5. I like the slapstick stuff where you keep getting banged round the face with various bits of dental equipment – touches of Laurel and Hardy – and the dentist and his assistant who haven’t got a clue what they’re doing and just play everything for laughs are great too – but there are some sophisticated bits of direction in here as well, during the anaesthetic sequence. Very nice. The series goes from strength to strength.

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