Season 3, Episode 7: The Tooth Hirst

When Jim cracks a tooth on a stray caramel, his visit to the dentist office is anything but sweet. But is it safe?

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  1. Laughing so hard that I have tears running down my cheeks. I count myself within the ranks of original dental phobes. My dad was an artist who used to trade paintings for dental care When he died I found many sets of dentures stashed in drawers. I couldn’t decide if I should paint them or go to the dentist. I did both, but opted for sedation dentistry. Good Job–keep me laughing.

  2. Mr Kempner’s situations are is really funny. Complications for me are (a). I’ve just had hernia surgery so it hurts to laugh. Also (b). Having had some offers I’ve been mulling over the idea of trying to sell my art from Australia into New York . I hadn’t imagined it was quite like that over there .

  3. Jim, you outdid yourself on this one. Libbie and I will in NYC in May and of course will stop by. You might want to investigate the work of a former dentist/ long time artist: Alan Soffer. It will renew your faith.

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