Season 3, Episode 4: The Art Handler

Jim interviews a potential candidate for intern…um, wait, no… office manager for the Gallery and sends him packing!

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  1. Jim Kempner has once again proven his status as true genius with THE ART HANDLER, the latest episode of THE MADNESS OF ART. This episode rings so true. I’ve met so many real life phonies like this “art handler.” Even last night in Rome: A woman has been pursuing me for months and I finally agreed to meet her. We talked about art and she said she loved contemporary art. I asked her who her favorite artists were. She said, ” Um, well I’m not really prepared with names.” Then she said how much she loved classical music. I asked her who her favorite composers were. She paused for 10 seconds and then said Beethoven. Any others? She didn’t seem to know any other names. But for some reason she really aggressively wanted to be my friend, like this guy in Jim’s video really wanting that job. Where does Jim find these amazing actors?

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