Season 3, Episode 3: Where’s the Art?

Jim is seeing red when his mom, Harriet, gives the gallery the Matt Lauer test!

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  1. Anche se in ritardo, auguri per la tua MAMMA, l’anno prossimo farò il possibile per farle gli auguri nel giorno preciso.
    Tua madre oltre che insegnare il tip tap, dovrebbe insegnare recitazione, ottima attrice e performer, ma soprattutto simpatica e schietta!

  2. Your Mom is a scream! Let’s see more of Harriet. Jimmy…. Ma…. Best episode so far. Good belly laughs on an overcast and dreary day in the midwest.

  3. I so enjoy all of your videos, but your mother takes the cake. I simply love her. Kelly tells me she finally made the trip to your gallery and the next time I’m in NY you can count on me coming as well. I feel as if I know you already and look forward to making that a reality. How very kind of you to send me a mug. I shall cherish it. Keep up the good work.

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