Season 2, Episode 10: Fried Spaghetti

When Jim orders fried spaghetti? It’s an emergency! Maybe he does need a specialist…

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  1. Hi Jim,

    Very funny.Your the customer from hell.I thought the “specialist” piece was right on.I’ve experienced the same frustration in trying to get a price list….usually there’s only one available….in super fine print.Nice job.

    Harold Zabady

  2. Jim Kempner is back on top!! This may be the best episode yet, and it’s not in my interest to say that because another great episode was filmed at Kostabi World. It may seem like mildly artsmart slapstick comedy at first but in the end it speaks of profound human issues about longevity, risk, life, death, waste, renewal, expectations, servitude, abuse of power and that mysteriously jinxed restaurant corner of 23rd and 10th.
    Epic and profoundly moving. Especially the incredible special effects with the fire engines at the end!
    Mark Kostabi

  3. You are a wizard at masterminding twisted situations ala Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm. In some way, we’ve all been there. Your dark ironic viewpoint leaves the viewer gasping for air while we laugh knowingly. This episode had me choking with laughter. Although it had little to do with the finer funnier side of the art world, I loved being at lunch with you.

  4. I liked the spot where Jim exercises his creative side and issues the defining spot for the random shard. I only hope it is a parody of such behavior. Locally it seems like the least talented rise to the top and become administrators where they stultify. NYC also seems to have a lot of people clinging to their justifications of the degradations of the last century and the emptiness of the 21st. Its a relief to find also those who do not take themselves and their mistakes so seriously.

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