Season 2, Episode 2: Health Care

It’s all about hidden persuasion when Dru wants health care.  Jim is left seeing red dots…

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  1. I love how Jim is always trying to dodge the health care. And it looks like he did his own stunt- impressive stuff. I’m not even in the art world and I love this show. Have yet to see an episode that didn’t bring the funny.

  2. jim,you and dru are so talented. have you thought of getting into the movie business. really clever and funny
    sylvia weissmann

  3. Dru! great job, what a foil to jimmy-jo…actually you outshown him in this one….whenever i miss you guys i just get my little fix….

  4. Life imitates your art.

    I watched your video and howled re Dru’s and your red dot strategies. Later in the week, one of my paintings sold online two days before my open studio tour. My husband and I had the “red dot” conversation. And, we burst out with ironic laughter.

    You’ve started something.

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