Season 1, Episode 1: Tony

Chelsea art dealer Jim Kempner interacts with New York’s eccentric art world in The Madness of Art.  Webisode one features contemporary artist Robert Attanasio’s pithy analysis of the relationship between artist and dealer.
Chicago Artist Tony Fitzpatrick drops by and tries to explain that old adage  “time is money” .  Jim Kempner Fine Art Gallery – where the absurd, the obscene, the glamorous and the routine converge!

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  1. Subtle, hehehehe!

    Truly brilliant Tony (oh yeah, that is the one and only Mr. Fitzpatrick himself).

  2. Tony Fitzpatrick is fantastic in this, In fact, I think he makes the episode. I had no idea he had acting talent.

    Technical snafu aside (camera. sound. lighting) , I thought this was amazingly well done. The idea is hysterical. The gallery owner’s character and the snootiness of the director of the gallery set an amazing tone, but Tony rocked it

  3. Rude, crude – completely unreal. A pure fantasy. Eh. (Speaking as an artist/painter.) Unless you can get away with that shit in NYC.

  4. My daughter and I came in to see the seven deadly sin globes and you kindly mentioned your comedy series. Thank you; I’m laughing and having fun watching them. I think you should forward your series to Larry David; I bet he’d enjoy them!

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