Season 1, Episode 1: Tony

Chelsea art dealer Jim Kempner interacts with New York’s eccentric art world in The Madness of Art.  Webisode one features contemporary artist Robert Attanasio’s pithy analysis of the relationship between artist and dealer.
Chicago Artist Tony Fitzpatrick drops by and tries to explain that old adage  “time is money” .  Jim Kempner Fine Art Gallery – where the absurd, the obscene, the glamorous and the routine converge!

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  1. If Larry David did a series about the Chelsea art world, THIS would be it. Watched season one in the video booth at Art Basel Miami Beach. Loved it…and so did my 8 year old daughter!

  2. hello I LOVE your videos
    D’Uh – they’re great-
    can you pls remind me which one is of the jewish lady looking at art, finally buying something and Drew having to buy nuts (“what kind?”) I thought of it today w the Munch at auction – all the best – kate

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