Season 1, Episode 4: Interviews

The Madness of Art features Chelsea art dealer Jim Kempner and his interactions with the eccentrics that make the New York art world go round. In webisode four, Jim’s looking for a replacement for “Miss Oops”, the gallery’s ex-assistant. Jim prepares for a barrage of young, savvy downtown art students armed with insightful questions to winnow down the competition.  Maybe not… Who painted the Campbell’s soup cans? Free sex night on Wednesdays?  You’re hired!

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  1. “Where have you gone, Jon Dimiglio?” I need a job but I’ll need to commute from
    Mad about your Madness. Yes!
    ps I love Charlie’s newest website video.

  2. Comedy, never an easy process but this concept is truly brilliant and there’s nothing like a good bit of madness to keep the brain sane!

    That’s 4 out of 4 for me and the HAC.

    Congratulations to all concerned.

    Roll on Episode 5 “You Mad Bastards”

  3. Jim – uh, Joe (or is that Robert?) – you are a natural! Wonderful pieces – great writing and concepts. Truly enjoyable. Yes, comedy is difficult and you have succeeded in brilliantly sending up a particularly arcane world (for most people.) So often when you see the art world depicted in films or on TV, it’s way off. Your pieces are right on and so refreshing. I particularly like that you have a great sense of humor about yourself.

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