Season 1, Episode 6: Post Modern

When the thirteen year old  son of a potential client challenges Jim to explain the meaning and importance of Post-Modern art, Jim explains fatalistic, idiosyncratic, post-apocolyptic malaise… alien glitter ironic… oatmeal existentialism.  In other words, if your mom buys it? There’s $10 in it for you!

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  1. It’s oatmeal existentialism at it’s best!!!! these are fabulous and really? as the critics say: “laugh out loud”

  2. hysterical, laughed at all episodes, laughed all night, wrote emails to our gallery staff and told everyone they had to watch. Maybe you don’t have to be an art dealer to think these are so darn great…..but we can really appreciate the absurdity. susan

    • Joe,

      Just go to and you can see all
      12 episodes. (Number 12 releases weds.)
      thanks for your comments. JIM

  3. LOL!! This was my first time on this site..i never heard of it until now…. This episode was extremely funny—the young boy made it incredibly funny!! He sounds like my child-brutally honest. Please lets see more of him!

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