Season 1, Episode 7: 94.5º ARC x 14

While wandering Chelsea, Jim comes across Bernar Venet’s studio. As luck would have it Jim and Dru have been looking for a sculpture for the sculpture garden.

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  1. Jim and Dru: Every week I am waiting for my Madness to appear in my email box. Thank you for lining up a great weekly guest appearance. You both win the award for being such wonderful straightmen/women.


  2. Now look what you’ve done…every one will want to have a hat rack like that. So/too French!
    Nicole (too french 4 my own good)

  3. I love the gallery, I stop in whenever I am in Chelsea. Jim absolutely has his finger on the pulse of modern art. I love the video series, and I forward it to artists I know who take things too seriously.

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