Season 1, Episode  5: YOKO (OH NO)

In Webisode five, Jim seeks out advice from nemesis Glenn Dranoff about Art Miami?  “Art Miami? No one’s making any money this year in Miami!” according to Glenn, who is quietly packing his bags. Meanwhile, the gallery is abuzz with excitement in advance of famed avant-garde artist and peace activist Yoko Ono’s opening at the Jim Kempner Fine Art Gallery. Jim orders a huge sign to welcome the artist.  All will be well as long as his new assistant can mind her Ps… and Qs.

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  1. nevermind it worked
    Great stuff again. Id love to be in one of your videos. Let me know if your looking. I have no acting experience, I’m a physician, Ive got pretty good hair and live in Dallas

  2. Jim… I recently landed a deal with a local gallery here in DC. This series humorously pulls back the curtain on the gallery business. Some of the themes in the series serve as warnings and lessons for me as an artist trying to “break in” and others seem scarily familiar.

    Looking fwd to more episodes.

  3. this is the best one yet…had me wondering what the sign would say and i never got it !!!!till i saw it…
    a riot…imagine…….

  4. They keep getting funnier and I can’t stop laughing. Dru, you are great. Hope to meet all of you in person this summer.

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