Season 1, Episode  5: YOKO (OH NO)

In Webisode five, Jim seeks out advice from nemesis Glenn Dranoff about Art Miami?  “Art Miami? No one’s making any money this year in Miami!” according to Glenn, who is quietly packing his bags. Meanwhile, the gallery is abuzz with excitement in advance of famed avant-garde artist and peace activist Yoko Ono’s opening at the Jim Kempner Fine Art Gallery. Jim orders a huge sign to welcome the artist.  All will be well as long as his new assistant can mind her Ps… and Qs.

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  1. I can’t believe how much Robert Indiana has changed in 30 years. He used to be a clean cut looking guy who wore suit jackets. I didn’t believe the guy really was Robert Indiana until I saw the credits. That I aside, I LOVE your series !!!

  2. Outstanding! how do you make any money in ART?! Keep em come’n better than Bravo’s Work of art show! you need a network sponsor!thanks again for the madness of Art!

  3. We love it here in the UK
    We also run a art gallery but online and as a library where any piece canbe borrowed for £1.00 a day and this goes to the artist!.. we love the quirky dig at the art world as we also feel its all a bit clicky and controlled.
    Very funny
    Keep up the good work
    Tony Wells
    Art Buffet

    The place where appreciating art makes art appreciate

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