Season 1, Episode 12: The Palm Beach Art Fair

In the last episode of Season One, Jim and Dru head to Florida for an Art Fair. Jim saves money on Dru’s hotel.

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  1. I watched ALL 12 episodes today and tonight and was laughing out loud.
    Just returned from Woody Allen movie You Will Meet……and he could only elicit a snort from me.
    Looking forward to more. Dru Arstark is a riot as well.

  2. You guys are the new Seinfeld! You are a riot, and I stayed up until 2:30 AM watching all the episodes! My laughter kept me awake! Keep ’em coming!
    Pat Barconey (Dru’s cousin)

  3. Hi Jim,

    I have NEVER seen this side of you. A customer sent the site. This should play at every art fair.

    Enormous potential as a series. You could be to the art industry what “Cheers” was for bars.

    Great Stuff!
    Dick Coplan

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