Season 1: Madness of Art Trailer

A fun and refreshing view of art from the gallery perspective featuring gallery owner Jim Kempner.  The Madness of Art is a humorous look at Chelsea’s dynamic art scene in New York City.

All episodes from Season One are available on our home page.  Don’t forget to sign up on the home page for advance notification of Season Two’s teaser – now in production!

What’s coming up in Season Two? A dubious Maplethorpe appears at the Gallery… Dru and Jim debate health care in the post-Obama art world.  and the IRS pays a visit to find out why Jim hasn’t paid…

Jim Kempner writes, directs and stars in The Madness of Art along with his often co-opted Gallery Director, Dru Arstark, numerous Assistants, Interns, Art Handlers, Dealers and Artists. The Madness of Art features artists such as Robert Indiana, Tony Fitzpatrick, Charlie Hewitt, Bernard Venet, Yoko Ono, and Steve Giovinco, and many yet to come!

The Gallery itself, Jim Kempner Fine Art, is located at the epicenter of the New York Art scene at 10th Avenue and 23rd Street. Each episode features a range of contemporary art and artists work of photography, prints, drawings, sculpture and paintings.

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